Market Requirements

Years of research has shown that there is an immense demand for imported fine wines in India, especially in metropolitan cities. This led us to target these major wine consuming cities first and we launched our first outlet in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Currently, we have tie-ups for wine distribution with around 55 leading hotels and restaurants. We also sell our premium quality wines to around 60 major retail outlets in Mumbai and Pune. Apart from this, we also have more than 120 private clients at the present. Hoteliers Industry plans to expand its operations to other metropolitan cities, such as Pune and cover Goa too

Price Comparison

Hoteliers Industry deals with only the best quality wines from popular European and South American vineyards.
All our wines are priced affordable. These are highly sought after by top hotels, popular restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars and even private buyers.
As compared to the market average, our wines are in the mid to high level range.
The premium quality and genuine vintage of our wines make them high in demand by our current customers.
Our exclusive wine range starts from around INR 1,900 and varies according to origin, blend and quality

Quality Comparison

When it comes to quality, Hoteliers Industry is the standard-setter for the industry. We take extreme care in choosing only the most premium quality and authentic origin wines from all over Europe and South America. Our wine quality is incomparable because of strict quality regulations in place. We follow the stringent quality standards maintain the top-end quality which our customers have come to expect from Hoteliers Industry.
Hence, we choose only the most popular and tasty wines to ensure that our customers can keep enjoying delicious, full-bodied wine.

Market Segment

We are currently one of the leading retailers of fine wine to several major restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs and clubs in Mumbai. Our eyes are focused on covering distributorship for restaurants and eateries in Pune and Goa next. Some of our leading retailers include:

Top 55 Hotels and Restaurants across Mumbai
Top-end 60 Retail Outlets across Mumbai

Select 30 Private Clients

Apart from these, Hoteliers Industry is planning to collaborate with even more hotels, restaurants and wine sellers in Pune and Goa.

Promotion Activites

Hoteliers Industry has been a prominent proponent of increasing import of top-end French and other European and South American wines in India from years now. We undertake frequent promotional and marketing activities. These activities are planned to target the leading hoteliers and restaurateurs in the metropolitan cities of India. We undertake effective social media, online and offline marketing campaigns for optimal promotion of our products.

Best Sellers

We, at Hoteliers Industry are completely focused on introducing new and premium wines into India. You can find a large selection of premium, high-end wines to choose from, such as:

  • • Spumante Moscato Sparkling Wine from Italy
  • • Barbara’s Dasti Docg from Italy
  • • Chardonnay Frizzante from Italy
  • • Panul Malbec from Chile
  • • Panul Sauvignon Blanc from Chile
  • • Panul Merlot from Chile
  • • Chateau Bordeaux Rough from France
  • • Chateau Bordeaux Rose from France
  • • Chateau Du parc Grand Cru from St. Emilion