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The Man

Aman Gujral

Aman Gujaral is not new to the hospitality industry. Aman started his hospitality journey in Mumbai. Initially, Aman worked for several renowned hotels. However, he felt his calling several thousand miles away in the lap of luxury. That’s when Aman decided to shift to his most impressive destination, Dubai.

The Experience

Aman immersed himself in the hotel industry in Dubai. Aman absorbed the immense hospitality and the warm embracing culture of Dubai. Here, Aman went through numerous life-changing experiences. He ended up spending five years working for globally leading luxury hotels like the 7-Star Burj Al Arab and the Taj Palace Hotel in Dubai.

The Journey

After learning the craft from world famous hospitality brands, Aman shifted back home to pursue his dream. Aman is an entrepreneur at heart. After doing immense industrial and market research for three long years, Aman finally launched the Hoteliers Industry, his first entrepreneurial venture. Till date, he has been awarded more than 10 international and national awards in the industry.

The Success

Hoteliers Industry has become the leader in hospitality, food and beverages, especially imported wine. Hoteliers have been importing fine wines for over 5 years. These include premium French wines and luxurious Italian wines. The focus on maintaining an incredible product quality and service temperament has made Hoteliers Industry a truly renowned name in the market.

The Prospects

With innovation and entrepreneurship in his blood, Aman Gujral has been making pathways into the hospitality and restaurateur industry with innovative ideas and top-quality products.

Team Profile


Mr. Aman Gujral

Mr. Aman Gujral is the CEO and has worked in the hospitality and wine business for several years. He has more than 10 international and national awards to his name and is the visionary behind the company concept. He also has several years of experience working in 7 star Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai.


Ms. Sunayanaa
(WSET Level 3)

Ms. Sunayanaa holds WSET Level 3 certification. She is our BDM and a professional Sommelier with a degree from Tulleeho, London. Ms. Sunayanaa has been a prominent part of Hoteliers Industry and integral to our business growth. She brings 10 years of experience in the industry with her.


Mr. Akshay
(WSET Level 3)

Mr. Akshay holds a WSET Level 3 certification. He is our official company Sommelier and a leading team member in Hoteliers Industry who also holds a degree from International Wine & Spirit Center, London. He has helped the company’s growth immensely with his 8 years of experience working in India and the US.

Our team


The Process of wine Making

There are five basic stages or steps to making wine: Harvesting, Crushing and Pressing, Fermentation, and then Aging and Bottling. Undoubtedly, one can find endless deviations and variations along the way.


The moment the grapes are picked from the vines determines the wine's acidity, sweetness and flavor . . .

Crushing & Pressing

Crushing the whole clusters of fresh ripe grapes is traditionally the next step in the wine making process . . .



Fermentation is indeed the magic at play in the making of wine. . . .

Ageing & Bottling

The final stage of the wine making process involves the aging and bottling of wine . . .




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